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Llegamos a Panama y maniana mismo a la ciudad de Panama con una ruta perfecta con  banquina gigante que ha compensado las lluvias torrenciales y tres dias seguidos  de miles de  pinchazos !


(and largest city)
Panama City
8°58′N 79°32′W / 8.967°N 79.533°W / 8.967; -79.533
Official languages Spanish
Ethnic groups 58.1% Mestizo
14% Black and Mulatto
6.7% Amerindian
8.6% White
5.5% Asian
7.1% other (2000) [1]
Demonym Panamanian
Government Constitutional Democracy
President Ricardo Martinelli
Vice President Juan Carlos Varela
from Spain 28 November 1821
from Colombia 3 November 1903
Total 75,517 km2 (118th)
29,157 sq mi
Water (%) 2.9
July 2008 estimate 3,220,000 (133rd)
May 2001 census 2,839,178
Density 43/km2 (156th)
111/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2008 estimate
Total $38.667 billion[2]
Per capita $11,361[2]
GDP (nominal) 2008 estimate
Total $23.088 billion[2]
Per capita $6,784[2]
Gini (2002) 46.5
HDI (2007) 0.840 (high) (58th)
Currency Balboa, U.S. dollar (PAB, USD)
Time zone (UTC-5)
Internet TLD .pa
Calling code +507

Panama, officially the Republic of Panama (Spanish: República de Panamá; pronounced [re̞ˈpuβ̞lika ð̞e̞ panaˈma]), is the southernmost country of both Central America and, in turn, North America. Situated on the isthmus connecting North and South America, it is bordered by Costa Rica to the northwest, Colombia to the southeast, the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. The capital is Panama City.

Panama is an international business center, and has the largest economy in Central America, followed by Guatemala, Costa Rica and El Salvador.[3] It is also the fastest growing economy and the largest per capita consumer in Central America.[4][5]